Tips for Traveling with Kids on Meds

By May 12, 2015 July 26th, 2018 Allergies & Immune System, Health Tips

With travel season upon us, the team at Fox46’s Good Day Charlotte asked me for tips when families are traveling with kids on meds.

Fox 46

Here’s what I suggest you do for your next trip. Consider printing this out and taping it to the inside of your medicine cabinet.

  • Put all daily meds (prescription and/or supplements) in a pill box with compartments for days of the week
  • If it is a liquid medicine, put a penny in the pill box and remove it after taking the dose
  • Take the original bottle with you OR take a photo of the bottle in case you lose the medication
  • Don’t start a new med on vacation, even Benadryl (watch the video for why)
  • Don’t leave meds in a hot car—put them in Mom’s purse (ex: epipen)
  • Leave your car keys with the medication so you won’t leave them behind
  • The TSA allows you to fly with more than 3 ounces of a medically necessary liquid
  • The TSA allows you to fly with a small cooler for medically necessary liquids that need to be refrigerated —this includes breast milk. You can pack it with a freezer pack to keep it cool
  • Be sure to label your medically necessary liquids to get through the TSA screening more efficiently

If you have other helpful tips, please leave them in the comments below this blog. I’d love to know what has worked for your family.

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