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Client Success Stories

Dr. Kilbane, to me, is “The Child Whisperer”.  She has a unique ability to connect with your child and pinpoint what is going on with him or her in situations where mainstream physicians may not been able to get to the root of the problem.”

Haynes Paschall, Health Coach

Dr. Kilbane changed my daughter’s life and got her off laxatives. Before coming to see Dr. Kilbane, our old pediatrician continued to push my daughter into extended use of Miralax (months), which I refused to accept. After coming to you and changing a few things in her diet, she is 100 times better. She rarely complains about her stomach, it no longer bulges out, and she has more energy. Thank you!!

Jill Slaby

Dr. Kilbane changed everything for us. She’s the ONLY doctor that thought outside the box about what was going on with my son and she truly cared about helping not only him, but our ENTIRE family as we all worked through it. She recognized things in him that no one up until that point was able to do and she sent him to Occupational Therapy for an evaluation and treatment and I am happy to say that his sensory processing issues are now fully gone! He doesn’t even remember having them! She also took a very holistic approach to working with us and made sure that my husband and I were working together to manage our stress levels and to keep our marriage a priority during a time when things were hard on all of us. She pointed out that it is okay to take care of the adults in the family too 🙂 My list of things that Dr. Kilbane has done for my family goes on and on. There are truly no words to describe the level of comfort and security I have knowing she can help my kids (and us) deal with anything that comes our way. She is fighting for us and she is always in our corner. For that, I will always be grateful!

Cindy Johnson

Dr. Kilbane has been intimately involved in expertly guiding our family health care needs.  She has been our pediatrician for over six years.  Dr. Kilbane has been instrumental in our lives and as a result, many measurable shifts have taken place in our family. Dr. Kilbane has helped us see the bigger picture with our children’s health and also what services and options best support their care and development. This goes way beyond ear infections and sore throats.  This is looking at each child and understanding what is bio-individual about their needs.

Our family highly regards her skills and credentials but most important, we value who she is as a person. She cares about children and has formed incredible bonds with each of our three children. Frankly I always go over time during our visits because I enjoy talking with her so much and picking her incredible brain!  She is more than a doctor- she is a trusted part of our family. Dr. Kilbane is a true medical visionary, leader in our community and is at the cutting edge of integrative health. She is gift to the healthcare community and we are so grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with her.

Brenna Smith & John Sandoval, MD

We brought our son to Dr. Kilbane’s office when we were not finding answers to his chronic health issues. Scott was 7 at the time and had multiple oral ulcers daily for nearly 3 years, high fevers every 6 weeks, and was on strong asthma medications (an inhaled steroid). Scott had been on many courses of antibiotics and yearly missed many days of school. We had seen 4 specialists and had many invasive procedures. We were told he had everything from viruses to bad luck, and the dreaded cancer word was even mentioned to us. Various doctors prescribed medications, blood work, scans, and biopsies. The final straw was when a specialist at a prestigious hospital, outside of Charlotte, mentioned that he could have cancer.Scott presented to Dr. Kilbane’s office fearful of tests, dropping weight, and tired of the cyclic fevers. A year after that initial visit, we celebrated! For the first time ever he had perfect attendance at school. He gained weight because he could eat without being in pain. Scott was well enough to swim an Individual Medley and it was completed in under 2 minutes (and did not need his inhaler once)! TEARS were in my eyes as he swam, but welled more whenwe got home and wanted to call Dr. Kilbane to share the news! Daily we thank the ONE doctor who truly listened, genuinely cared, and most of all believed in him and his health….you Dr. Kilbane. To quote a dear friend of yours, and Scott’s 4th grade Wax Museum person Patch Adams: “You treat a disease you win you lose. You treat a person you win every time, no matter what the outcome.”


Dr. Kilbane knows medicine that helps cure you. She is very smart at finding how to make you feel better. She listens to you and wants to make your pain go away. She is very patient and wants to find all the ways that can make you feel better not only when you are sick, but every day. I am so happy she helped me, I hope one day to cure people too!

Scott age 9

My husband and I brought our infant son to Dr. Kilbane when we found out he had a significant dairy/soy sensitivity. He was having blood in his stool and we weren’t getting the help we felt we needed from our pediatrician at the time. Dr. Kilbane was open to our thoughts and opinions about what we felt was going on with our son. She helped us maneuver through his issues safely while still respecting my desire to continue nursing. She gave us the nutritional support we needed to successfully resolve his issue. She is knowledgeable and kind. She is all that a pediatrician should be!

Annie Seier, MSW, LCSW Firmly Rooted Counseling and Consulting

We highly recommend Dr. Kilbane. Her approach of starting at the beginning turned up a couple of critical, yet previously missed, elements that were significantly impacting our son. After those were resolved, she introduced us to some alternative strategies that continued the forward momentum. In addition to the care she provides, Sheila is well networked among like-minded practitioners in other specialty areas. She realizes a multi-pronged, interdisciplinary approach yields better results. If you’re looking to understand and address root cause and not just band-aid over the symptoms, Dr. Kilbane is a terrific choice.


My name is Elizabeth Gustafson and my daughter Abby who is 9 has been seen by Dr. Kilbane since last January. Abby was diagnosed with an extremely rare auto immune disorder in her right jaw called CRMO. We had tried all of the anti-inflammatory medicines that her other doctors had prescribed and none of them were helping herpain. The next step for us was a very high powered arthiritis drug with many side effects and that was where I drew the line. I knew that this was not the route I wanted to take for Abby. From the first time I met Dr. Kilbane I knew that she was a different kind of doctor than we had seen. She took the time to listen to the complete story of Abby and her illness. She recognized that this was as hard for me as a parent to go through as it was for Abby and she told me that with every cell of her being she believed that we could heal Abby. She started with allergy testing, intolerance testing and blood work. We talked two weeks later and found out Abby had many food allergies, food intolerances and environmental allergies. These were all causing her body to be inflamed and in turn her body was not even recognizing the real inflammation in her jaw. We have been following Dr. Kilbane’s plan for Abby for 6 months now and it is unbelievable the difference in my daughter. Each month we go less and less time in pain and more and more time with Abby just being a child! During these 6 months Dr. Kilbane has kept in touch through email, texts and even phone calls to monitor Abby’s progress. She has been there for me in the times I just needed to hear a positive word or to talk with someone who understood what I was going through. She is the best thing that ever happened to our family and we are so greatful to her for her help.

Elizabeth Gustafson

I am sending you a video of Isabelle’s dance from her dance recital last Sunday because I wanted you to see for yourself what a difference you have made.  I wanted to thank you so very much for the concern and care she received from you. Five months ago a slow walk around the block was cause for a celebration, and as her dance can attest to, she is feeling herself again!!  Thank you for making that possible for her!

Marguerite Stevens

We were blessed and thankful to have Dr. Kilbane as my son’ s pediatrician. She was all that we could have hoped for in a medical practitioner when our son was going through a period of multiple ear infections with no hope of getting better. Dr. Kilbane helped us understand the bigger picture of his ear infections. She recommended we stop his allergy medication (which was causing part of the problem), we changed his diet by removing dairy and gluten, added some supplements including probiotics, and his ear infections decreased and eventually resolved. Fast forward to 7 years later, our son is a wonderful, sweet 12-year-old Honor Roll student, a great basketball player, and a recognized ‘ Terrific Kid’ at school. We owe it to Dr. Kilbane. If you are looking for a doctor who is a problem solver, treats children with love and passion, and accompanies her diagnosis with standard western treatment suggestions in addition to alternative recommendations, then Dr. Kilbane is someone you should consider visiting.

Mother – Charlotte, NC

I wanted to follow up with you and express my deep gratitude for your help diagnosing my son’s heath issues earlier this year. He will turn 7 later this week and came to you quite ill in January with asthma and a suppressed immune system unable to ward off upper respiratory sickness.

You suggested a dairy-free diet and it has literally changed his health and set him on a course of wellness. We have been dairy-free for almost 5 months and he has been sick (briefly with a cold) 1 time in that span! Prior to following your advice he was getting sick approximately every 3 weeks.

Thank you for your advice, the resources, and the support you gave us, we are so thankful. This summer our pediatrician has suggested he stop taking his inhalers if his health remains good. We are thrilled. We will be in touch with you if we need your further support as we make this transition. In the meantime, I wanted to send this update and our best wishes.