Get 10 Amazing Tips to Make Food Your New Pharmacy for Your Kids!

In addition to the significant time I devote to my individual patients, I also support families through books, live and online courses, and speaking engagements. Find the current courses below.

“Winterize Your Family” includes:

  • Dr. Kilbane’s 7 tips for keeping the immune system healthy and robust
  • The #1 most overlooked first line of defense for our bodies
  • Foods either enhance or suppress our immune system—learn what foods are best
  • Dr. Kilbane’s 4 favorite supplements
  • All for just $4.97

“7 Steps to Healthy Kids and Happy Moms™” Online Course:

  • This course is for anyone struggling with reflux, eczema, ear and sinus infections, allergies, asthma, constipation, stomach pain or loose stools
  • A step by step guide to improve your child’s illness or resolve it altogether
  • Practical tips to transform not only your child’s health but also the health of your entire family
  • Recipes and other resources to support you on your journey

“All About Ears” includes:

  • How to stop the cycle of  recurrent ear infections
  • The two most commonly-overlooked contributors to ear infections
  • When to take a child with ear pain to the doctor’s office
  • How to use food to boost your child’s immune system
  • Get informed at $4.97