Mini Med Modules for Moms

FOUR – one hour taped live webinars available for immediate viewing


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Over the years so many families have come to me after having spent thousands of dollars on testing, x-rays, procedures, specialist visits, medications and even surgeries.

Their children were suffering from chronic illnesses, diseases and conditions that were not responding to traditional medicine.

As an integrative pediatrician, I help these families identify the underlying cause of their child’s symptoms and help them implement strategies for significant healing and long-term wellness.

Because our therapies have so profoundly improved the lives of these children and their families, I have created an online course for parents like you.

Here is what other moms who took the course are saying:

“I want to thank you for the mini med school for moms course!!

Over the past several weeks, I have followed your advice and have tried removing dairy and gluten from my daughter’s diet. Although we have not removed them 100 percent, we have definitely made a significant impact. My husband and I have already noticed that she does not have the stomach pain that she had before. She is also no longer constipated.

She is so much happier which makes us happier as well!! Thank you so much!!! I live in Charlotte so I hope to stay up to date on your events and continue to learn through you”.

-Tina T

The mini med school had a great impact on my family’s life. My middle son is no longer taking Miralax and is doing well off of it. We were able to add in some new foods as well as supplements that made a difference for our entire family of five.

In addition, the class helped me to reframe the way I think about each of my kids and refocus on what I want for my family. My middle child is always the “sick child” or “child that needs extra help.” I have been working this past week to think of him in new ways, focusing on his positive attributes. Thanks for that! That will make more of a difference than any supplement out there!

While getting off over the counter medication is great, I think changing my way of thinking has been of even greater benefit to our family. I would recommend Dr. Kilbane’s class to any family and hope to take another class from her as soon as possible”.


“This was my favorite session. I need to listen to it again. I started crying during the poem at the end. I don’t know why I got so emotional but it really resonated with me. I enrolled in this class for my kids, but I’m getting so much out of it personally, as well. I love this series SO much and I love you! I’m SO thankful that we found you and that you practice medicine with such a huge and open heart!!!

Excited to start my vision board this weekend!”

-Nina A


Week 1:

Reading the Signs: How to Discover Illness & Health Issues

You’ll learn how to read the signs, assess the signals, and uncover the root causes of the most common chronic health conditions, including: eczema, acid reflux, recurrent ear infections, stomach pain, constipation, and more.

We’ll review your child’s birth history, your family history, and current symptoms. You’ll learn how to think like an integrative doctor and learn the important questions to ask yourself and your doctor, the answers to listen for, and ways to accurately and confidently become familiar with your child’s health.


Week 2:

Start with Food: Assessing Your Child’s Daily Nutrition

You will complete a 3 day Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner food log to take a closer look at your child’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where are they getting their protein, fat, sugar, and carbohydrates?
How many servings of fruits and vegetables do they eat per day? ?What affect does timing of meals have on their symptoms?

I will also reveal what I think is the #1 misconception about childhood nutrition.

How to determine the best nutrition plan for your child.


Week 3:

Your Home: Family Dynamics, Environment, and Health

Home is where children are nurtured and raised – and it’s an important factor in the quality of their overall health and wellness. In Week 3, you will learn how family dynamics, family history, and home environment can affect your child.

We’ll cover topics, such as: stress, chaos, relationships, and the often unspoken, invisible factors that can greatly impact the health of a child.


Week 4:

The Health Roadmap: Clearing the Path to Wellness

In our final week, we’ll dive into creating a personal health roadmap to success. You’ll discover ways to dramatically improve your child’s health. You’ll also learn unique and subtle ways to improve your family’s overall wellness and more.

At the end of this course, you will have clear wellness goals and a toolbox for assessing and understanding how to move your child toward Infinite Health!
PLUS – you will receive my EXCLUSIVE BONUS VIDEO about childhood allergies.
If you were to see me as a patient, the investment for this would be $990. I am offering this on-line course for a short time only for $97.

I am in the process of redesigning Mini Med School for Moms with more content and a significantly higher tuition. But if you invest now, you will automatically have access to the new revised program even as tuition increases. In addition, there is a closed Facebook Group for you to connect with other moms and to build community around healthy living. To register:

Mini Med Modules For Moms™


In just 4 weeks of this content-rich course, you will…

• Understand the symptoms and behaviors that indicate health issues in your child

• Be able to discern if you are treating your child’s symptoms or the underlying cause of their issue

• Be able to make informed decisions about your child’s health and nutrition

• Learn to understand the same evaluation process I use when assessing patients in my office

• Learn which common pediatric illnesses respond to natural and nutritional therapies

• Create a healthy home environment conducive to great, long-term wellness

• Develop your personal family success roadmap to better health

And much, much more…