Annual Membership Package for Existing Patients

Let’s keep your child thriving this school year!

Group Office Hours Call

  • Getting your questions answered directly from the doctor can be a powerful tool to keep your child thriving. How often do you want to ask your pediatrician a question, but have to go into the office and get exposed to all the sick kids in order to do so? With our once monthly “group office hours call” you not only get your questions answered by the doctor, but you get to hear other people’s questions so you can learn about things you may not even know to ask. Often we don’t know what we don’t know and that is why our “office hours” are done on a group call. And in case you can’t take notes quickly enough to capture everything, you will have access to the recordings at any time as part of the membership.

Easy access to your child’s medical records

  • Membership to the practice offers 24/7 access to your child’s medical records including lab results.


  • Ability to schedule appointments with Dr. Kilbane – appointments are an additional fee and separate from the membership fee
  • Starting September 1, 2015 we will only schedule individual appointments for those who are a member of the practice.


only available for those who sign up before August 31st

Mini Med Modules for Moms Your Roadmap to thriving children and happy moms

  • Through this online program I share with you my core concepts for family wellness. It is a culmination of what I think are THE MOST important aspects of children’s health that I have refined over many years of practicing both traditional and integrative medicine.

Monthly in person – 1 hour Mastermind for Moms (& Dads)

  • September 2015-December 2015
  • “Mastermind groups” historically are when people come together in community to discuss best practices and solve problems for individuals in the group. Many of you who belong to my practice not only lean from me, but you also have a tremendous amount of knowledge, wisdom and support to offer other mothers. My intention is to foster a really strong and cohesive community within our practice. To the point where we all learn from one another and we decrease the time it takes families to move from a child who is suffering to one who is thriving. I am offering this up as my gift to you for the amazing support you have given me over the years!

Get Started!

Since I am offering this for the first time and want to honor the work we have already done together, you will receive all of this for $150.

This is a wonderful value! Especially if your child is well and you simply need regular check ins with the ability to ask questions about natural approaches to common pediatric issues that you can’t necessarily ask your general pediatrician.

  • Membership annually (it may never be this low price again)$150
  • Individual Visits are a Separate Fee
  • Open Office Hours monthly for one year $360
  • Access to your child’s medical records 24/7

TWO BONUSES only available for those who sign up before August 31st

    • Mini Med Modules for Moms $127
    • Monthly in person, 1 hour, group Mastermind sessions for Moms (& Dads) September 2015-December 2015 $120

Interested in becoming a new patient? Please call the office for details 704-708-4404.Get Started!