Connected Kids
A Complete Approach to ADHD
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Mind, Body and Nutritional Techniques to Balance the Brain and Body.

Do you feel frustrated with your child’s impulsivity or inattention?

Is your family feeling overwhelmed because of these and other challenges?

Are you looking for natural ways to help your child calm and focus?


In this 3 class series, Sheila Kilbane, MD, Kristen Oliver, OT and Adele Schiessle, BIS come together providing direction and guidance for families experiencing symptoms of ADHD. Through this interactive opportunity you will learn:

  • How to use movement and touch to develop neural pathways, increasing your child’s ability to focus and control his/her body.
  • How your own thoughts & beliefs affect family dynamics and specific solutions to bring about more peace for the whole family
  • How nutrition affects behavior, mood, sleep, energy and other physical symptoms like  eczema, allergies, reflux, constipation and more
  • How to determine vitamin and mineral deficiencies and select the proper diet and supplements for your child

This is an experiential class series in which each week will build upon the last. We will practice techniques and provide supporting handouts in order to begin implementing strategies at home immediately.